Round & Oval House Plates

Oval rounded house signs

Reflective Oval & Rounded House Plaques - offered in 4 sizes suitable for just house door numbers or house names & address plates

Features of this range 

Our range of oval signs has been designed to look like traditional cast iron house plaques with a raised beaded rim. Covered by a 7 Year Worldwide Guarantee, they are made from a solid cast of weatherproof resin and slate mix. They are finished in UV resistant outdoor paints and lacquers and will withstand extreme weather conditions without rusting or pitting. These house plaques will normally outlast wooden and ceramic signs.

They are available in four sizes suitable for house numbers, house name plates and address plaques. We also offer arrows for directional signs. These oval signs are offered in a choice of black, green, blue or burgundy/red background colours and with gold beaded rims if desired.

The wording and/or numbers is produced in a white reflective material (this is not paint) which is laminated flush to surface of the plaque for better visibility at night. There is a choice of 21 different fonts to suit most tastes and any wording can be presented in multiple straight lines of text or arching around the curves of the sign.

 Reflective rectangular house name sign

Reflective house signs are endorsed by Paramedics, Fire Fighters and Police who frequently report
wasting valuable time locating exact home addresses in the dark when quick response times are crucial

Oval house number sign with 14 A

Oval house number sign - 150mm x 115mm

Price: £21.95
Large house number sign in black with gold rim and 160

Large oval house number plaque - 230mm x 165mm

Price: £32.95
Oval sign in black with house name, number and address line

Oval house name sign / address plaque - 260mm x 210mm

Price: £59.95
Large black oval sign with night reflective text

Large oval house sign - 368mm x 254mm

Price: £76.95