Hand Painted Pictorial Signs

Bespoke House Signs with Hand Painted Pictorials

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with a unique & personalized hand painted house sign

Collage depicting hand painted house signs

Please view our gallery on the link below which showcases some of our previous work. As you will see, each hand painted house sign is totally unique.

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Features of this range 

Each custom house sign in this range features a pictorial which has been hand painted by a skilled artist to suit the requirements of the individual customer. Viewing our house signs gallery will give some inspiration but remember the artist can paint almost anything (within reason) to provide a truly personalized house plaque.


The pictorials are hand painted onto a selection of the larger sized house plaques from our reflective house sign range. This range of signs are cast in weatherproof resin slate and finished in UV resistant outdoor paints and lacquers and are covered by a 7 Year Worldwide Guarantee. The wording and numbers are produced in white night reflective text laminated flush to surface of the sign for better visibility at night. 

Price Guide  

Prices are calculated by the size of the base plaque and the type of pictorial the artist is to paint, as some pictorials are more complex than others and require more time. The required information that is to be presented on the custom sign (house name / number / address line) does not make any difference to the price although the amount of text can sometimes dictate which size of base plaque will be suitable. Typically prices vary from £117.95 GBP for a 10.25 inch wide oval to £162.95 GBP for a 14.5 inch wide oval depending on both the size of the base plaque and the actual pictorial to be painted.


How to order 

Before you can order a hand painted house sign online we need to firstly provide you with a firm price quotation. As each custom sign is made to the individual requirements of the customer, if you wish to proceed with an order we will send you an ordering page via email which will outline the specifications for the house sign. This provides an opportunity for the customer to establish exactly what they are ordering and make any changes before the order is processed. We send the ordering page by request and there is a link on the order page which will take you to our secure online shopping cart where you can then place your order.

 If you would like a firm price quotation, please let us know (either by email or phone), the size and shape of the base plaque, the wording / number you would like to be presented on the house sign and what type of pictorial you would like.


OR PHONE US ON 01983 400777


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House signs with animal pictorials


We also make ceramic style house signs with high quality printed pictures which have been created by our artists. Read more about the difference between our printed art house signs  and hand painted house plaques 

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