White Engraved Signs

Deeply Engraved White House Name & Number Signs

White engraved house plaques

Made from white solid surface material (similar to Corian) with a 10 YEAR GUARANTEE. Elegant but durable, these products are weatherproof, extremely tough and will normally outlast perspex (acrylic), ceramic, wooden or even metal house plaques. House names and numbers are deeply v-carve engraved in a choice of 19 fonts and 7 inlay colours. 

Close up view of a plaque engraving with a gold inlay 

White number sign with a single digit number

White house number plaque - 100mm x 100mm x 9mm

Price: £28.00
White door number in Toledo font with a blue inlay

White house number sign - 140mm x 100mm x 9mm

Price: £30.00
White number plaque displaying 231

White number plate with v-carve engraving - 160mm x 100mm x 9mm

Price: £32.00
White house name plaque with black inlay 300mm by 75mm

White house name plate / address plaque - 300mm x 75mm x 9mm

Price: £44.00
Personalized white house plate with gold inlay in size 300mm by 100mm

White home address plaque - 300mm x 100mm x 9mm

Price: £56.00
White engraved house name plate with burgundy inlay in size 400mm by 100mm

White house sign - 400mm x 100mm x 9mm

Price: £60.00
White house sign with green inlay in size 300mm by 150mm

Elegant white engraved house sign - 300mm x 150mm x 9mm

Price: £66.00