28 May Why we don't offer 'hidden fixings' on our signs

Image displaying slate house sign on a painted stone pillat that requires refurbishment

Here is a prime example of why we recommend having fixing holes with screw caps to fit house sign rather than gluing a sign to a wall either with 'hidden fixings' or a builders glue.

‘Hidden fixings’ make it difficult to mount a sign initially and almost impossible to remove a sign without damage once the glue has set. The image above shows one of our signs that we made in 2001. The house sign still looks good but sadly the stone pillar it has been mounted on has deteriorated and requires complete refurbishment. Luckily because it has been mounted with sign fixings and dome cap covers, it can easily be removed without damage whilst the stone pillar is being refurbished and then easily remounted afterwards. 

This is why we don’t recommend or offer 'hidden fixings'.