test reflective signs

Established in 1995 our founder started this business specifically to make and sell reflective house signs which give better visibility at night. We are still the UK's leading manufacturers of reflective house signs and offer a large range in four distinct shape ranges with several popular sizes to suit most home signage situations. 

1. Classic Oval shaped reflective signs

2. Classic Rectangular shaped reflective plaques

3. Classic Bridge to shape reflective plates

3. Rustic Slate style reflective signs 

The base plaques for all 'classic' ranges of signs are made from cultured marble which is a solid casting of marble powder mixed with a liquid polymer resin which sets rock hard and is weatherproof. Classic signs are offered with a choice of black, burgundy, green and blue background colours.

Our rustic slate style signs are made from reconstituted slate which is a solid casting of Cornish Delabole slate powder mixed with polymer resin which set hard and is weatherproof. These house plaques have a dark charcoal grey appearance will lighter grey riven & chiseled edges. 

All the above ranges look quite normal in daylight and have white reflective text and house numbers laminated flush to the front face of the base plaque in a choice of over 20 different letter styles (fonts).

The house numbers & names will shine up brightly at nigh when any light is pointing at them from a distance making it much easier to spot the house address location for any night time visitors.

Reflective plaques are endorsed by Paramedics, Fire Fighters and Police who frequently report wasting valuable time locating exact home addresses in the dark when quick response times are crucial.

We offer various positions for the fixing or hanging holes on these plaques and provide wall plugs, screws and domed screw caps to hide the fixings and keep them from weathering. We do not offer 'hidden fixings' but can supply the signs without fixing holes for gluing to a wall with a builders glue such as gripfill, no more nails/ gorilla glue etc.