Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about engraved house signs

What exactly is V-Groove Engraving?

We use a CNC router with a V shaped engraving bit spinning at over 1000 rpm to engrave deeply into our polished natural slate signs or our white solid surface signs. This engraving method does take longer than other engraving methods but we think it looks much better. The engraving depth is variably and can be from 2 mm to 6.5 mm in depth into the plaque - the larger the house numbers or house names on a house sign the deeper the text is engraved. 

There is a 75mm letter or number height with this method of engraving otherwise we risk engraving too deeply and weaken the base plaque.

Once engraved the text and numbers are inlaid with several coats of durable weather resistant paints and a final UV filtering lacquer coat.

Can I have hidden fixings on a sign?

We don't offer or recommend hidden fixings any more. Please read our blog article why we don't offer signs with hidden fixings .

Can I have a striped outside border?

Sorry, we don't offer outside borders on our v-grooved slate signs as standard. It can be done but the extra time involved to get an even thickness stripe engraved all the way around the honed slate would take about 30% longer in time and so would make the sign cost much more. We would also need to make the house name or number smaller to fit within the confines of the border.

How do I keep the engraved sign clean?

You can simply wash any V-grooved house plaque with soapy water to remove grime dirt and dust. Our white solid surface signs only need washing and will look as new for decades. Slate house plaques will in time require washing and then a wipe over with linseed oil thinned with white spirits to bring back the original condition of the slate about every two to three years.

Can I have a bespoke size?

Yes of course. We can engrave any size plaque to a maximum of 500mm wide and 300mm deep. We simply charge for the nearest size up in both directions as we usually cut down a standard sized sign to suit bespoke measurements

Can I have a bespoke colour inlay?

Yes and No. On slate signs we offer 3 colours as standard and on white signs we offer 7 colours for the inlays. The paints we use are a tough high quality outdoor UV and fade resistant paints which currently cost £30 plus VAT for a minimum quantity of half a litre. Therefore if you would like to match a different RAL colour we can do it but would need to charge for the paint supplies